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Training boost from Bettina

Bettina-training at Willas (2)

Willa has been able to keep the horses going as best as possible so that they are at their best, and ready to go when she is back in the saddle.

Explains Willa: “So many people have been really supportive and helped make this possible and I am incredibly grateful.

“We have taken each horse individually and worked out what is the best plan for them right now and I can’t thank everyone enough for this. The older horses have carried on their training at home while some of the younger horses have been competed by other riders and some horses have been given a break so that they can train throughout the winter when I plan to be back in action.

“We invited Bettina Hoy over to make sure they are all where they need to be. Bettina has been coaching me for a while now, coming over from Germany before the lockdown and then we had video sessions during the lockdown. I am so grateful to her for coming over to train the horses for me while I am off games. I am learning so much watching her ride and am so thankful to the owners for trusting me to work out the best plan of action for each horse and can’t thank them enough for their support,” ends Willa.

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