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Willa is hugely lucky to have an outstanding home team and gives credit for her success to the support of all of her team at home.

Headgirl Janet WillisHeadgirl Janet Willis

Janet has worked for the Newton family for an outstanding 30 years. But Janet decided to become more involved in the eventing when Willa turned professional. Janet travels to all the competitions keeps everything under control, we would all be lost without her!

Ruth Graham

Ruth again has been a large part of the family here at Hall Farm but came to help us out on the yard 10 years ago. Ruth is in charge of feeding and her polishing keeps both the horses and yard sparkling.

Dee Goodbourn

Dee started on a part-time basis 5 years ago but she seems to spend more and more time with us! Another integral part of the team who keeps everything under control at home while we are off gallivanting around the events.

Matthew Firth:
Matthew joined the team a couple of years ago and again helps us out on a part-time basis not only with riding while I am away at the competitions but also keeping everyone in check on the yard!

Ian Cooke:

Ian has been part of the team for 8 years and he keeps everything running on the yard from the lorry to the stables. He always manages to find a way to mend something and is constantly picking up the pieces behind us all!  We would be lost without him!

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